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Welcome To The Bright Stars Reading Club

We have been happily serving the Inglewood community since 2004! Our mission is to help 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders develop and maintain a love and interest for reading in a fun and informal setting. Our unique program centers around the use of exciting read-alouds of various genres to promote literacy awareness among children. It is creatively designed to mix reading, learning, and fun so that our "Bright Stars" develop positive attitudes towards reading which will result in girls and boys becoming lifelong readers. We encourage you to explore our website on a regular basis to learn about the enriching classes, workshops, activities, and events we offer the community.

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Testimonials From Children
"You can read, you can learn, you can play games,
win prizes, and get snacks". Daniel - 1st Grade

"I like the games and arts and crafts and puzzles". Anige'r - 2nd Grade

"I like reading books and making new friends". Jorge - 3rd Grade

Testimonials From Parents
"My child looks forward to Bright Stars all week long. I like the fact that he is anxious to read". Parent of a First Grader

"She likes the fun activities like the arts and crafts projects, games, winning prizes, and meeting the guests that are invited to the reading club". Parent of a Second Grader

"She enjoys being around other children that like reading and it encourages her to read on her own without having to be told to read". Parent of a Third Grader

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