All services offered by the Bright Stars Reading Club are designed to promote and improve literacy awareness among children, teens, and parents. Fees will be quoted once all details are secured regarding your event. Please go to our "Contact Us Page" to submit information and inquire about our services.

Presentation # 2

"Reading: The Key To Your Child's Success"

Target Audience: K-3 Parents and Guardians

Bright Stars Read-Aloud Session Description: Children will be engaged in an exciting and fun read-aloud experience. Story props and other items will be used to build and maintain interest in the story. The reader will tie in comprehension, vocabulary, and oral language skills throughout the story. Follow-up activities will be provided afterwards which could include the use of a story ball, a simple book report, a sequencing activity, role-playing, literacy BINGO games, puzzles, and/or a simple art project. Children absolutely love listening to stories and this is a great session to hold while parents and guardians are attending a meeting at your site.

Book Club Discussion Group:

Grade Levels: 4-6, 7-9, 10-12

Bright Stars Read-Aloud Session

Grade Levels: K-3

Description: Parents and guardians will be provided with helpful information, proven strategies, beneficial tips, and great resources that they can quickly implement at home to improve their child's literacy skills. Parents and guardians will be shown learning materials and they will have an opportunity to ask questions and network with others in attendance. This presentation is for adults only.

Bright Stars, Inc.

The Parent Company of

Bright Stars Reading Club

Family Literacy Event

Target Audience: All Parents, Guardians, and Children

Book Club Discussion Group Description: Participants will receive the same age-appropriate book about 2-3 before the actual meeting with the expectation that it will be completely read by ALL participants prior to the designated meeting day. On the day of the meeting, the facilitator will guide the students through a thorough chapter-by-chapter discussion about the setting, genre, era, characters, themes, plots, and problems. Participants will make relevant connections and focus on vocabulary, comprehension, oral language, and listening skills. Story props and role-playing may be used to increase comprehension levels. You have the option of providing snacks and prizes during the session, as well.

Description: children, parents, and guardians will be invited to come together to engage in a variety of fun and exciting literacy activities at your school or facility. Literacy stations can be set up to include SIGHT WORD BINGO, ANIMALS BINGO, A DICTIONARY SCAVENGER HUNT, A SPELLING RELAY, A READING CORNER, A PUZZLE AREA, A COMPUTER STATION, WRITING ACTIVITIES, and AN ART STATION, for example. Prizes, Book Give-A Ways, Raffles, and snacks are additional options. Also, an art, poetry, or an essay contest may be offered prior to the event and winners can be announced at the end of the event.

Description: Parents and guardians will be presented with helpful information, practical strategies, and helpful tips that they should implement immediately and use throughout the school year to ensure their child's success in school. Expectations, home-school connection, homework, and extra-curricular activities are a few of the areas that will be will covered. Attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions and network with one another. This presentation is for adults only.

Parent Presentations #1 

"How To Ensure Your Child's Overall Success In School"

Target Audience: K-5  Parents and Guardians

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